5 thoughts on “Pixel Dust

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    Thanks Michele. This does address some of the issues I brought up in Open Access vs Traditional Journal Publications concerning the cost of publication. We do have to consider the cost of personnel when it comes to creating the metadata, making the material searchable, and preservation of the material. I am still blown away by the cost of database subscriptions though. Maybe it actually cost so much to do all the work behind the scenes, but the subscription costs still frustrate me.

  2. Great points to think about in terms of traditional print and digital publishing. No way to circumvent the need for investing human labor and monetary resources to create, make accessible, and preserve high quality content in digital form.

  3. Interesting post – it reminded me of an angry patron at my historical society over a year ago that could not understand why we didn’t have all our manuscripts digitized so she could see the item she was looking for that happened to be on loan. We tried nicely to explain that our 2-person digitizing team was digitizing items as the could get to them and she replied that she could digitize our items in no time if someone just gave her a camera. Which, even if we supplied low-quality formats and did not bother entering in any metadata so that items could be found and searched, does not sound likely.

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