Draft Guidelines for Subject Element (Art)

Here’s an initial rough draft of subject guidelines. More to come; feedback welcome.

Subject Element Instructions for Art

Label: Subject

Element Description: The topic of the content of the resource.

Required: Yes

Repeatable: Yes

Guidelines for Creation of Content: This element describes what is depicted in an image or what the image is about. It is recommended that a value from a controlled vocabulary be used.

Recommended Thesauri:
LCS Library of Congress Subject Headings
LCTGM Library of Congress Thesaurus for Graphic Materials
AAT Art and Architecture Thesaurus

Examples: to come

Notes: Include both general and specific terms.


4 thoughts on “Draft Guidelines for Subject Element (Art)

  1. Looks good! The “Subject” element in my presentation repository looks similar to subject heading cataloging i.e. Young Men’s Christian associations — Minnesota — Minneapolis – this seems to be the norm – would you agree?

  2. Yes, that sounds like subject keywords using LCSH. There are other vocabularies such as AAT and LC-TGM used for art materials. I’m still a bit unclear on how to apply these CVs for element value entries. Hope to learn more about this.

  3. Okay, great start! To improve on the indexing efficiency problem (i.e., how long it takes for each person to index), you can take the next step and pre-select relevant subject terms from the controlled vocabulary (ies) that you choose. You can do this in advance because we are dealing with a limited universe of images (rather than, say, cataloging all the books in a library). Once you have selected all of the relevant subject terms, we can put them in a drop down box so that indexers can select the one(s) that match the subject of each image. Let me know if you have questions.

    • That’s a great suggestion, Dr. MacCall. I am a bit unsure about how to go about using and applying these vocabularies, so plan to email you with some questions. I understand the what and the why, just stuck on exactly how. Any suggestions welcome — thanks!

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