Draft of Subject Guidelines for Art, part 2

Subject Element Instructions for Art

Label: Subject

Element Description: The topic of the content of the resource.

Required: Yes

Repeatable: Yes

Guidelines for Creation of Content:
This element describes what is depicted in an image or what the image is about.
Subjects may include topics, objects, events, places, people, genres. Refer to supplied title or notes for information if possible.
Subject is typically represented by key words or key phrases. It is recommended that a value from a controlled vocabulary be used.

Recommended Thesauri:
LCSH Library of Congress Subject Headings
TGM Library of Congress Thesaurus for Graphic Materials
AAT Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus


Subject-LCSH Landscape; Ireland-Dublin; Rivers *

Subject-TGM Architecture; Towers

Subject-AAT Portrait; John Smith

Subject-LCSH Book illustration; Letterforms

*I’m still a little uncertain about the process of adapting CVs for metadata value entry.

Include both general and specific terms if possible.
Multiple subject terms are to be separated by a semicolon and a space.
Specify the controlled vocabulary used as a qualifier.


5 thoughts on “Draft of Subject Guidelines for Art, part 2

  1. Guidelines look real good so far Michele. For me, Subject description for the art images is probably going to be one of the tougher elements to index for, whether due to ofness vs. aboutness, or simply just trying to discern a specific subject at all out of an image. Are there any technical issues as far as utilizing the different controlled vocabularies (i.e. do we need to notate that we are using an entry from a specific CV)?

    • Yes, I believe the vocabulary used should be indicated by a qualifier to Subject element. I am still figuring out how to apply these CVs though. Dr. MacCall suggested pre-selecting subject key words from CV for a drop down menu. So more instructions to come. Welcome any suggestions, and thanks for the feedback.

  2. Now, you’ll want to get very specific about what is to be entered for the Subject element customized for the Art images … choose a vocabulary and have at it! πŸ™‚

    At this stage, you may want to review the textbook section on the Subject element and some of the example indexing guidelines. Remember to promote efficiency in the indexing process! (also, I’ll be showing you the drop down box option for preloading the relevant set of CV terms that covers the range of subjects in our art image collection).

  3. Lookin’ good, fellow subject elementer! I have been a bit unsure about my Subject element guidelines for the Football images, however after seeing your guidelines I feel a bit better. I think we are on the same page. πŸ™‚

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