Process of Creating Subject Metadata

The following steps, adapted from information in the textbook, may help with creating subject metadata. Not sure if something like this should be included in metadata guidelines.

Creating Subject Metadata

Step 1
Consider mission/topic of collection and user needs.

Step 2
Determine focus of image.
Analyze subject content, deciding what aspects to represent in the metadata record.
A method to help with subject analysis is to ask:

  • Who created the resource?
  • What kind of resource is it?
  • When was it created?
  • Why was it created?
  • Who is target audience?

Also check if there are any notes or a title.

Step 3
Formulate subject content into concrete terms. Formulate specific terms to represent the subject content, usually working with a controlled vocabulary.
When entering subject terms, ask: what will be result of users’ search?

Step 4
Make decisions about determining and assigning subject terms.
Determine exhaustivity—number of subject terms to include.
Determine specificity—general vs. specific subject terms to include.
Decide if subject indexing will include primary and secondary aspects of content depicted in image.



One thought on “Process of Creating Subject Metadata

  1. Looks like a good place to start. After reading several classmates blogs, I really need to get going on this. I feel though that after viewing many of these blogs I am more equipped to start work on my indexing guidelines. I’ve also, marked several pages in our text that I hope will help.

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