Entering the “Unknown”

I’ve been entering Unknown for Date Created with the DePol images if there was no information provided. But for other unknown information, I have just skipped it—like for Spatial and Temporal Coverage. Is this okay or inconsistent?

Also, seems like I remember reading somewhere that entering Unknown means that it is unknowable. The values may be knowable, I just don’t know them. Probably not a crucial point, but thought I’d put it out there. Any thoughts?



2 thoughts on “Entering the “Unknown”

  1. i think you’re dealing with known unknowns here, Michele 😀

    but on a more serious note, perhaps keep it consistent for all element fields (either you leave them blank until you either know more to enter a value, or you label all unknown values as “unknown”)?

  2. it’s a great issue to bring up, though it’s likely not completely resolvable within the time constraints of the course.

    However, we will take ideas from all students in the class … what do y’all think???

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