Indexing Images: Balancing Specificity with Certainty

A fellow classmate blogged about indexing with limited information recently. I too have been debating the best approach to handling this as I make my way through indexing the images.

For example, one of the DePol images is clearly (to me) a Biblical illustration. A hint that this is the case is in the title of the image just before it: Fisherman of Galilee. I went ahead and assigned subject content values (title, subject terms, etc.) even though I do not have any provided information to go on. I wonder if this is interjecting too much. Otherwise the content description would be so vague, it wouldn’t be very useful.

I also considered trying to add temporal coverage of Biblical times, but here my uncertainty was too great. Decided better to leave blank than enter something erroneously.




3 thoughts on “Indexing Images: Balancing Specificity with Certainty

  1. If it helps, I agree with your assessment that your image is part of the “FIsherman of Galilee” series. If you look at them all together, the faces look the same, and so does the scenery. (I know you don’t actually have the other images to check).

  2. This is “first round” indexing, and in the real world of a metadata operation, y’all would be able to note (and separate out) images requiring further analysis. Management! 😉

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