Content Analysis for Football

It’s been a full weekend of deciphering football pictures. My process in indexing was to start with the automatic data entries, then move on to the interpretive analysis part. I made notes starting with all visible player numbers and what team. Then I tried to match up names from rosters. Like others have noted, figuring out the player using the roster and position was not easy for me. I had to double check what was offense and what was defense, and reversed my assessment a couple of times. I made a spreadsheet, but with all the back-and-forth between rosters and guidelines, I found handwritten notes easier to modify. Some of you will laugh, but it was an aha moment when I realized the game in Pasadena was a championship game and not the Rose Bowl. I admit it. Maybe when fall football season comes I will have a new-found interest in the sport. Roll Tide. ; )


One thought on “Content Analysis for Football

  1. Yes “Roll Tide” often results from this project πŸ™‚

    You can also take away the importance of preparing your indexers a little better than I prepared you mostly because I wanted to throw y’all into the deep end πŸ™‚

    For example, as you point out, certain contextual info about the CA game would have helped in advance!

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